At Autobedrijf Naessens, we ensure smooth handling from A to Z. It is possible to take out various financing arrangements through us, for which we work with recognised partners.

1. Loan

For our financing we work together with an external partner who can offer you a tailor-made proposal. Contact us for an appointment, and together we will look at the various possibilities.

2. Leasing / Renting

The main distinction between Leasing and Renting is as follows: Leasing is recognised in the balance sheet, while Renting is considered a pure expense. In the case of Leasing, you have the flexibility to choose a residual value of 5, 10 or 15%, while with Renting, the residual value usually starts at 16%, but can vary between 16, 20 and 25%.

Contact us to discuss your specific needs so that we can prepare a tailor-made quote that perfectly suits your situation.

3. CarSharing

Two contracts are drawn up, one for private use and one for business use. As an example, a private use contract may include 20% of the total purchase price, while 80% is financed through the company. The major advantage of this is that no benefit in kind (SG&A) is charged, unlike with leasing, where SG&A is payable.

It is important to note that the amount of tax on entry into service (GST) can be a maximum of €4,957, regardless of the type of vehicle. For a sports car, this is a very interesting formula!


The advantages of this system include:

  • The BIV amount is included in the investment amount and spread over the term of the lease.
  • Two separate leases are drawn up for business and private use, creating no benefit in kind.
  • At the end of the term, there is the possibility of renewal or surrender by either of the contracting parties.
  • Exit is possible at any time without penalty clauses or mandatory payment of several months' rent.
  • There is no mileage limitation.

This system therefore offers flexibility and tax advantages for both private and business use of the vehicle.

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