Pay for your car in bitcoin: car company Naessens bets on crypto currency as payment method

Car company Naessens in Kortrijk wants to make full use of crypto currencies. It has recently started advertising that cars can be paid for in Bitcoin. Remarkable, because almost nowhere in our country is that possible. "However, the demand is high," he says.

Bitcoin prices

The Aston Martin Vantage V8 Coupé ? That'll be 4,081 bitcoins, please. Or rather the Mercedes CLA 250? That one comes to 0.739 bitcoins. Anyone looking for a car and ending up on Autobedrijf Naessens' site in the process may be surprised. This is because, in addition to the price in euro, the price in bitcoin is displayed each time.

In seconds
For owner Kevin Naessens, it is a service he wants to offer. One he has been working on for several years, but now wants to go all out. "I was interested in it myself and decided to invest in it. So I noticed that a lot of people also prefer to make purchases with crypto coins. So there are a lot of people who are no longer with a bank. So they can also come to us," he explains.

Ultimately, it differs little from a regular transaction. "You just transfer from account to account. Only when the money is in our account do you get your car. The big difference is that with crypto coins, the transfer is done in seconds. With a bank, it can take several days."

Along with the rate
There may still be some question marks, as the value of a crypto currency is volatile. "In the end, that is not a problem. The prices on our site go along with the exchange rate," he says. What you do see is that when the price is high, buyers also come more quickly."

Demand is already high. And it's not just for luxury cars. "We may sell the sporty premium brands here, but those who want to buy another car with crypto coins can also help here."


There may be some scepticism around it, but it is anything but necessary, according to the business manager. "This is just the future. I think we will pay more and more with digital coins. Although I hope to remain unique for a while, because this way I still have a partial monopoly," he smiles.

Buying a car with bitcoin is unique in Kortrijk. Paying with bitcoin is not quite. For instance, you can also pay with the leading crypto currency in Ring Shopping gift cards. Since the end of last year, the app Lyzi can be used to purchase a voucher that can be used in Wereldhave's five Belgian shopping centres. Not quite the same, as there is still an intermediate stage here, at car dealership Naessens it is really from account to account.